Close to the train station, Rossio is a delicious Mediterranean eatery perfect for an evening out.

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The menu is heavily Mediterranean-inspired and includes lots of seafood, though there are both meat and vegetarian dishes available. They also offer a selection of homemade pastries.

The lunch and dinner menus differ quite a bit. The lunch menu offers sandwiches and soups, with a few warm dishes as well. The dinner menu offers a variety of main courses served with your choice of side item. With an appetizer and dessert, the main course is plenty of food but the side dishes are tasty and may be worth a try regardless of your level of hunger.

For lunch, the bruschetta is a good choice and there are several varieties of it. If you want something simpler, the chicken salad sandwich is good, with an interesting mint yogurt sauce and fennel. For a dinner starter, the Delicatessen Rossio is a delicious choice. Essentially, it’s a spread of different tapas and bread. The main menu rotates, but the fish dishes are usually very good.

It’s an attractive restaurant that is upscale in appearance. The dining room has two floors and the upstairs is usually less crowded. The street-facing windows give you a great viewpoint for people watching.

The service is typically Dutch. Expect to have to flag down your waiter for another drink or to get the check. Otherwise, the staff is generally friendly.

Unlike many restaurants in the Netherlands, Rossio is open for both lunch and dinner. English language menus are available, even on the website. There’s free wifi. If you’re going for dinner on a weekend, you’ll need a reservation.

Lunch will cost about €15; dinner will set you back about €35.

Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 12:00-23:00
Wednesday: 12:00-23:00
Thursday: 12:00-23:00
Friday: 12:00-23:00
Saturday: 08:30-17:00
Sunday: 12:00-23:00

Delft City Center
Oude Delft 78
2611 CD Delft