The Netherlands is not a country known for its Indian cuisine but if you really must scratch that itch, Maharaja is the best of the two sit-down Indian options in Delft.

The food is a variety of Indian food, ranging from northern to southern, plus a few western dishes thrown in as well. All the stereotypical Indian restaurant dishes are available: butter chicken, palak paneer, samosas, aloo gobi, biryani. The portion sizes are large and most entrees are served with an extra vegetarian dish, a practice which is not atypical of Indian restaurants in the Netherlands.

For those not acquainted with Indian cuisine, you’ll likely find the food good. In fact, if you browse Yelp and other review sites, the restaurant has fairly high marks. Those more well-versed with Indian food will probably find the selections solidly mediocre, like most Indian food available in the Netherlands. Their best offering are their kebabs. For vegetarians, the okra is a good choice.

Decorated in pretty typical Indian restaurant fashion (there are elephants everywhere), the outside may not look like much, but the inside is attractive. Certainly nice for a date or business meeting.

There’s a saying that, in an Indian restaurant, if the service is good, the food usually isn’t. It’s one that holds true for Maharaja. The wait staff is attentive and very friendly. They are happy to explain the meals and make suggestions based on your preferences.

There’s an English translation of the menu available. Don’t be fooled by the seemingly small interior; there’s a large back room as well.

Dinner will cost around €30 per person.

Monday: 17:30-22:30
Tuesday: 17:30-22:30
Wednesday: 17:30-22:30
Thursday: 17:30-22:30
Friday: 17:30-22:30
Saturday: 17:30-22:30
Sunday: 17:30-22:30

Delft City Centre
Nieuwe Langendijk 59
2611 VJ