Jans Lunch Koek & Gebak

Smack in the middle of the Brabantse Turfmarkt, Jans is the latest addition to the Delft lunch cafe scene. It features an average menu but a gorgeous back patio and delicious baked goods.


The cafe prides itself on using organic and local ingredients. Overall, the menu is typical of a Dutch lunch cafe. They do serve more warm options, including uitsmijkers (a Dutch breakfast sandwich consisting of toast with cheese, meat and fried eggs served open face), a variety of quiches, tostis (grilled cheese) and pannenkoken (the Dutch version of pancakes).

The food is mostly average, but the breads are made fresh and delivered from a local bakery. They also make a large selection of pastries in-house, including several types of pie, cream puffs and tarts. The baked goods are very tasty. You ca check what’s available in the front counter or there’s a list posted on the restaurant wall.

The boerenkass met huisgemaakte frambozenjam (cheese with homemade raspberry jam) sandwich is very good, as are the quiches. Stick to the sandwiches; the hamburger is unappetizing. The soup is homemade and also very good.

The space is very open and airy, with an especially attractive long wooden table that is perfect for working. Their back patio, accessible through the restaurant and an alleyway on the side, is a great spot on a sunny afternoon.

The service is typical Dutch. The owner, Nick, and his partner Sasha are seemingly always around and are very friendly.

English-language menus are available. There’s also free wifi. No outlets though, so not a great place to set up your laptop.

Lunch for one will cost around €12.00

Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 08:30-17:30
Wednesday: 08:30-17:30
Thursday: 08:30-17:30
Friday: 08:30-20:00
Saturday: 08:30-17:00
Sunday: 10:00-17:00

Delft City Center
Brabantse Turfmarkt 87
2611 CN Delft