Cortado is one of several new coffee places in Delft. Located on Burgwal, the location can’t be beat but the menu leaves something to be desired.


It is a coffee place, so the menu is limited. They offer two basic sandwiches which are served with a significant portion of salad. There are also a variety of baked goodies, from apple pie to cake, and they serve a limited breakfast menu. Everything is vegetarian.

The food isn’t bad, there just aren’t many choices. The goat cheese and honey sandwich is the better of the two sandwich options. The cakes are made locally and the cheesecakes are usually tasty.


It’s a comfortable, hipster coffee place with lots of untreated wood and clean lines. There’s a big table but lots of nooks and crannies to tuck in with a good book or to have coffee with a friend.


You order at the counter and the staff is generally friendly and responsive.


There are power outlets and wifi. It’s not a bad spot to work if you’re looking for a break from the office.


The lunch and dinner menus are the same. Both meals will run you about €15.


Monday: 7:30 – 20:00
Tuesday: 7:30 – 20:00
Wednesday: 7:30 – 20:00
Thursday: 7:30 – 20:00
Friday: 7:30 – 20:00
Saturday: 9:00 – 21:00
Sunday: 9:00 – 21:00


Delft City Centre
Burgwal 30
2611 GJ Delft