[Blueberry is closed.]

Slightly off the Delft tourist route is Blueberry Lunch Cafe. The spacious eatery is easily one of the best places to get lunch or work for a few hours.

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The menu is pretty typical of most Dutch lunch cafes with salads, sandwiches and some basic breakfast that’s served all day. The menu, updated in Spring 2014, offers quite a bit of variety and nearly everything is good.

Be aware of the portion sizes. The sandwiches and the salads are large and the savory muffins are nearly a meal in themselves. There is a selection of freshly made baked goods, as well, from blueberry muffins to banana bread. If meeting a friend, you can split a pot of tea.

The hummus with grilled vegetables sandwich is excellent, as are the “savory muffins” which are a bit like a popover but with vegetables and cheese. Don’t be afraid to order off-menu. The owner is usually very accommodating. On the first Sunday of the month, they serve a full English breakfast.

The ambiance is really what makes this place great. Unlike every other lunch cafe in the city, you aren’t sitting in your neighbor’s lap while you eat your meal. The space is huge by Dutch standards and the tables are spread out to practically American standards.

The service is also excellent. The owner is likely to remember your regular order after just a few visits. If you have food allergies or restrictions, inform the wait staff. They will happily adjust your meal.

An English-language menu is available. The cafe also showcases artwork from local artists, most of which is for sale if you’re looking to decorate your house as well. It’s a popular spot with parents, as there is a large space in the back where kids can play. They also serve high tea. For the working and student crowd, there’s also wifi.

Lunch for one will cost about €12.

Monday: 12:00 – 18:00
Tuesday: 08:30-18:00
Wednesday: 08:30-18:00
Thursday: 08:30-18:00
Friday: 08:30-21:00
Saturday: 08:30-17:00
Shopping Sunday (koopzondag): 10.00-17.00 (1st Sunday of the month)

Delft City Center
Brabantse Turfmarkt 32a
2611 CN Delft